November fishing report and December forecast. 

November was a month of wind, rain, sun and calm conditions.

It also was a month of redfish, snook, spotted seatrout, bluefish and Spanish. The only thing missing was pompano,
a species that usually shows up in good numbers around Sarasota Bay in November. Perhaps we'll catch plenty of pompano in December.

We did a lot of fly fishing in November. Most of the action took place in the shallows and deep grass around Buttonwood Harbor on the west side of Sarasota Bay off Longboat Key. We did pretty well, casting Gibby's TK Flies and synthetic Clousers.

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 So you want to become a kayak guide? Here are a few tips

So, you want to be a fishing guide?

You went to bed, dreamed of being a guide, then woke up the next morning and decided you are one.

The kayak fishing guide profession is a rather new phenomena since kayak fishing itself is rather new. Seems as if everyone and his/her  brother/sister is a kayak fishing guide these days.

I've been guiding since 2005 and full-time since 2009. During that time, I've seen a whole bunch of wide-eyed neophytes become guides and I've seen a bunch become disenchanted and quit. There are many reasons to become a guide.

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